Thursday, 20 November 2014

20th November 2014 - Only 41 days left of the year

Thought for the day: "Mars is the only known planet inhabited soley by robots "

Good old Wikipedia!!   It tells me that I missed 42 days left till the end of the year ..   So I am stuck with 41 - but that is a little scary as well !!!  Another year gone !!! And sadly no nearer to our small holding ...

But Wiki will tell us that this is also the day that in  1985Microsoft Windows 1.0 is released.
Oh!!   How much trouble that has caused over the years...  I remember my old Amstrad as my upgrade from my spectrum 48K which incidentally I found in the warehouse the other day when moving some boxes... the Spectrum not the Amstrad - that has definitely gone !!!

I can find about 500 people born on this date - but to be honest I cannot recognise any of them - I am sure that the 42nd day would have produced more acceptable personages... Apparently it is the wedding day of Queen Liz!!!

Cleaned the chickens out today - so fresh straw for them - but they had better start laying soon if they are to pay their way !!  Seems that when my sister told my American brother in law that one chicken had kicked the bucket... he took the expression literally and envisaged a chicken in a real bucket stamping around until it expired...  Two great countries - separated by the use of a single language !!

Had a think about the Black and White Challenge today and found a lovely shot from in front of the Tavern ..
A few years old but quite crisp and clear...

An evening in - only a committee meeting to endure and a bottle of Chateau 41 ...  Cheers !!!

Useless item of the day 
I wonder who is at the door?

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