Monday, 24 November 2014

24th November 2014 - If in doubt - check the fluid levels!!

Thought for the day: "It seems our politicians feel that to succeed in politics, it is often necessary to rise above your principles."

So, the situation is simple. The little red light appears on the dashboard and you try to ignore it. The cars have cost a fortune this year and you really don't want to see it. You remember the last time that you took the vehicle in for a little orange light, and it turned out to be a computer analysis, at a price, and then a sensor changed that involved removing all sorts of items, but could have been left and not been a bother... And a large bill!!

But the light is on. It is the handbrake. You try to jiggle it around in case it may just free itself off - at the same time trying to decide whether it is a little bit loose, needs tightening, could be adjusted, but start fantasising on the chewed up disks, the need to replace brake pipes, and how many noughts can be added to the bill!

So, in the end, you bite the bullet and book it into the garage... they like me at the garage - I am sure that  I pay the mortgage and the holiday fund. Monday Morning early. Seems a good idea at the time. I was getting up at 8 for the dog most days anyway - what difference could it make .. That was last Friday!!

When Monday arrives, you have decided that a nice lie in would be nice - you haven't had one for a long time - and then you remember !!!   Got to get up.. It is cold this morning. Chill and frosty on the windscreen.
Can of diet coke is chilled and freezing, and pretty refreshing. Haven't had a cup of tea yet !

To the garage and speak with Paul the mechanic (and owner but lets call him the mechanic). Leave the keys and about to walk back when he suddenly says - "Just a minute!! pop the Bonnet"

So I do.. and he looks at the brake fluid reservoir.....  Pops away for a moment and comes back with a bottle.. pours some in...   Guess what !!!  Little light goes off .. And I come home for that cup of tea..

In fairness, he could have hung on to the car and called me later with a bill...  But he did not...
Makes the day a little better ..

Ended up doing paperwork all day instead!! 

Time for a glass of Chateau 41 and a nip of scotch...

Goodnight and Cheers - And remember - check the fluid levels ... I am topping mine up !

Useless item of the day 

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