Saturday, 22 November 2014

22nd November 2014 - Ritual Versus Ratings

Thought for the day: "Autocorrect is now really starting to irrigate me! "

An unusually sunny and bright Saturday after the monsoons of yesterday. Early start and a quick revision of my lines for the Appendant Orders of the Military and Masonic Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and St John the Evangelis, which is a mouthful , but a lovely degree in Freemasonry. It is a Christian Order and therefore holds closely to the New Testament, but also relates to the historical development of another field of Freemasonry, and another opportunity for Moral Improvement.

Taking a third of the responsibility for the ritual in the meeting, I was delighted that everyone pulled together to produce a well prepared and impressive ceremony.

As an alternative to the news, the newspapers, the reality television, the discussion shows, the bad language, the endless drivel of Sport (yup that is just me maybe!), and the continuous berating me to bet on line or on television, I find the intellectual stimulation of learning a part, and performing amongst a group of fellow friends delightfully stimulating...

So. Feeling a job well done. I am home and about to watch the start of Game of Thrones - Season 3 - I know I am behind the times but that is my life at the moment - easier to record programmes and watch on demand.    Glass of Chateau 41 ??? Don't mind if I do !!!

Black and white for the day ?? We go back to nostalgia and days gone by - The Crimson Moon - and the irrepressible Fanny !!! 
Cheers !!

Useless item of the day 
Higher Education is not always accessible!

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