Saturday, 15 November 2014

15th November 2014 - Broaching the Cargo

Thought for the day : " What's The Difference Between Roast Beef And Pea Soup? Anyone Can Roast Beef!!"  Seems Legit!

A long Saturday. Up early to get the tea and coffee ready for the meeting of Giraldus Cambrensis Royal and Select Masters. Gerald of Wales has been used as a name for many groups, councils and lodges and correctly so as he was a great character in Welsh History. Today was a meeting of Thrice Illustrious Masters and the ceremony of the Silver Trowel, an order and honour open by invitation and by merit and approved by the Head of the Order, and awarded by permission through the Provincial Officers - in this case in the Past Master's Council..

Still... there is no tea or coffee unless someone goes and does it ...
And setting up the Council - that has to be done as well !!  Luckily, after our shared candlesticks were locked away  I managed to find a good deal for a set of 9 candlesticks and 50 candles.. so they were all put out..
Checked the bar, seems I am the only local person so it looks as though I will be running the bar as well.

Nice Meeting..  Within it a talk and reminiscence from one of our members, Wayne Buffet Warlow, a well respected and well known musician .. A search on Google has him listed as Jazz Master, and he is well known in my circles as organist and musician ...

He reflected on his early days in 1965 when he had just left Cardiff University and was starting to make inroads into BBC and decided to try a couple of trips on the Cruise Liners... ending upon on the Himalaya, Cunard, and the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth ... With Double Bass and keyboard skills he ran the coastal paths as a young, single, musician....

There were a number of tales, but the one that I wished to record for posterity was his listing of the Rules of Merchant Navy - from serious to minor, but apparently as a musician on the cruise he was bound by these rules...
And one of these was the law against fraternising with the young ladies who were passengers upon the boat. This will come as a surprise to any who have watched any sit coms from the sixties and seventies about the LOVE BOAT or similar! ..

But the finest touch of this tale was when it was explained that a member of crew could not fraternise with a passenger had a name.....

The Offence was  "Breoching the Cargo!"

So - found that I was the only one to clear up and do the cash up - but was still enjoying the concept of Wayne's early days...  He tells us that he got a short offer of business for playing the piano - thought it may be great - but found it was on the cross channel ferry !! Decided one day that it would be nice if his wife came along - but found that he would breach the company rules ....  he would be crew and his wife officially be a passenger - and he would be committing an offence if he was in her company !!!

Don't you just love the red tape !!!
I will drink to that !!   Cheers ... Here is to Broaching the Cargo ...
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