Saturday, 8 November 2014

8th November 2014 - Of barkeeps and Bombs (Jaeger this is)

Thought for the day: "I intend to live forever - so far so good."

Busy day today - happily covered the bar for the Provincial Priory of the Knights of Malta - a Masonic Order and a group of colleagues and friends...  Seems that the Barkeep will always be the Barkeep. Was enjoying the banter of being behind the bar and chatting with those who  were wanting serving. The Beer was playing up and I was able to ensure that the fluid flowed...

There was the nice moment when a friend came to the bar - he is one of the treasurers, and an accountant . and financial advisor, and knowledgeable in all things financial... he came to the bar and offered me a twenty pound note and asked for "Two fives and a Ten"....

It seemed simple to me  - I took a 5p and two 10p coins from the till - took his £20 note and walked away .. His face was a joy to behold!!!

Tomorrow will be the day to finish unloading the shipping container - today, I shall concentrate upon the Chateau 41  and wish you a good night !!

of course if I were still in business - this would be my finest barkeep ..

silly sign of the day 

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