Friday, 29 July 2016

29th July 2016 - Packing for Conquest

Thought for the day:" Apparently, today is Talk In An Elevator Day. Thank goodness for that. Needed something to give me a lift . . "

So, three weeks with a slipped disk and procrastination wins out...  Sunday last was my deadline for deciding if I would be fit enough - which sort of got pushed back - day by day..
Today, Bertha the 20x20 tent and all the necessary parts of the Barden Heim got slowly put into the Bothy...   Aching and feeling a little tired, but all succeeded.. Everythign is packed int he van - and I seem to have a lot of space - not quite sure what it is that I have missed..

So - tomorrow will be the final test - final pack and drive to Germany 710 miles ...
Last chance to decide to back out also tomorrow ...  Delays seem to be smaller at the crossings - and I should be hitting the channel in the early horus of the morning...

Mr Mini V will be going with me - so I will leave you with one of the reasons that I want to go back..
Here is a tribute from my fellow bards at Mythodea - when they heard that I would not be able to attend last year ...

So - I may be off grid for a week - in fact I really hope I will be as that means that I get there and back without incident - please keep your fingers corssed..

Cheers !

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