Monday, 25 July 2016

25th July 2016 - A chip off the old block...

Thought for the day:" The man who invented predictive text died today - May he roast in piece. "
[autocorrect Day 8]

I was taught in school to label my axes ...   but I liked the look of these ones and thought I would put them here for posterity..

Of course,when you start on the subject of axes, then you end up with some elements of humour - in my case I like this one which is a lovely comment on the eductation system..

But, when we talk abotu axes and chain saws - you have to look at a friend called Chris Wood who manages to create some very special items ... I put together a short video about a badger ..

But the static constructions just take you breath away...

I'll just leave these here then..

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