Friday, 1 July 2016

1st July 2016 - 100 years ago today

Thought for the day : "You know what I am begining to like more and more? Incrementalism. "

Today is the anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme.....

There are no words that take this into
SoI will add a post from an unexpected point - from a local Rock Band Triaxis and my favourite Rock Star Lady - Krissie Kirby - well one of my favourite rock star ladies - I have a few personal friends who lead up bands - lucky me...

Lest we Forget
But there are other memories and one started (or at least introduced to my wife) by my eldest daughter caught my wife's imagination wo here we have 1973 - post wedding party and July 1st 2016

Not a lot of change if I can lose a couple more pounds - but no - I am not going to grow the sideburns back again !!

and in other memories ...

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