Tuesday, 26 July 2016

26th July 2016 - Mulling over Music

Thought for the day:"The man who invented predictive text died today - not sure if he is being hurried or created?" 
[autocorrect Day 9]

So - starting to use the metronome to regulate the singing - that is more difficult than I had thought!
But a review of the various versions of songs shows a cler lack of discipline in the style

But - decided to put some sort of order into the pieces ...

Firstly my one and only real attempt at mixing a track - and clearly can see the lack of timing in the middle - but the overall  sound is about what I was aiming for..


 And then to my first real attempt at song-writing :  Tanja's song...

 Original House recording:
Live at the Star:
 Teilo Tavern:
 And finally the Vale:

and so we have it - Cheers !

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