Tuesday, 2 December 2014

2nd December 2014 - A Dog's Life... Dinner !!

Thought for the day : " I have for years been trying to study procrastination. However, due to delays and not wanting to start it I have never succeeded - but maybe I will start tomorrow! "

A bleak day on the South Coast. Down visiting in the New Forest, a place of beauty under normal circumstances, but overcast and grey today. 'Thena loves the larger garden and the opportunity to run around like the crazy animal that she is, though it would be better if my father in law did not keep putting out bushels of grain for the doves and pigeons. We have tried to tell him that Labradors have no sense of taste or discretion when it comes to the subject of food!

It is a simple question for a Labrador. "Is it food?" Eat it! "Does it look like food?" Eat it.  "Could it be food ? " Eat it!  "Does it not look like food at all? " Have a nibble and see!  "Does it smell bad?" - roll in it !

Life was a lot different with sensible collies.

The life of a Labrador starts at about 8am with the conviction that you have been starving to death for at least three weeks, and the nagging fear that all the food in the world has horrendously been consumed in your sleep..... This fear can only be assuaged by a close examination of the food cupboard - and a snack to prove that it is real food! Then the day can continue and you can go back for a nap should nothing else be happening.

When people finally stir then it is wisest to stay in the kitchen waiting for bits of breakfast to fall from tables, work tops, plates - anything on the floor is fair game...  Found the frying pan on the table the other day after it had been brought in from the Bothy and awaiting washing. Spatulas balancing there. Managed the surreptitious reach up and with dexterity managed to lick all the fat out of the pan without disturbing the spatula... real skill that !  Don't think they noticed! Pretty sure I got away with it..

Now the waiting game! Watch the front door carefully, but nonchalantly. Any movement towards the door may be the start of a walk !!  Careful not to miss it !! Was that someone grabbing the collar and lead !!  I think so !!! time to go into a frenzy !!!!

Out of the house... Can't wait to get into the car - but better have a really big wee here on the pavement - and off we go to chase into the woods and run along the beach. There are friends who can be as crazy as me!!....

After walks and home - it MUST be dinner time...  Better not leave the food cupboard far out of sight...  Body Clock running, They are five minutes late!!  Don't they realise I am starving to death???   Thank goodness - one of them has noticed the time. Only ten minutes running in circles and wagging my tail - knocking things over to get attention.... What do they see in those funny television screen things and keyboards anyway ??  They have nothing to do with food!!!!

Not much in the bowl - they may be putting me on a diet !!  Three mouthfulls - gone!!  I wonder if I could do it in two next time ? can we try now?? No ?  oh well. Not long till bed time and a snack!!!

I think the day is a little like that !!

So, I am sitting at one of those funny screen things with 'Thena at my feet. She looked at me with a hurt look as I stopped her climbing onto the settee. We are not home and this is not a house for dogs to sit on settees. But we will be heading back soon.

An evening of learning for me and perhaps a glass of Chateau 41 ..


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