Thursday, 25 December 2014

25th December 2014 - Merry Christmas Everyone

Thought for the day : " It's Christmas!"  

Santa is a Yorkshireman.
Santa is a Yorkshire man
Of this I'm fairly sure
I heard him tiptoe in mi room
At roughly ten to four
"I 'ope tha's fast asleep" he said
"Or tha'll get nowt mi lad"
He smelled of Hi Karate
(Must 'av nicked it from mi dad)
Just downstairs I'd left a treat
Santa likes a beer
He loves pork pie and single malt
(That wa' dads idea!)
When I woke next morning
I ran downstairs to see
If Santa had been kind enough
To leave gifts under tree
He got our mam a nightie
And a pair of China pigs
Our dad got socks n undies
And 200 park lane cigs
My sister got a Barbie
Sat on a plastic horse
A 1D annual
Which she loved of course
When I unwrapped my parcels
My Yorkshire heart did sing
Each gift that Santa gave me
A truly wondrous thing
A flat cap for mi noggin
A vest of finest string
The ferret keepers handbook
Each gift fit for a King!
So thank you Santa thank you
You surely are a Tyke
But can you please remember
Next year I'd like a bike!

Nuff Said  - I am with my family so no time for Blogging today ..

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