Monday, 15 December 2014

15th December 2014 - Not much happening today

Thought for the day : "Someone stole my Microsoft Office and they are going to Pay! They have my Word!"

Down the M4 again ! Over the years, the M4 has represented the start and the finish of many business trips. The sad part of living in Wales is that it takes a couple of hours to get out of the courty before you start heading off to any venue.

In this case, it was a trip down to Penarth for the Chiropractor for Susie, who remains severely limited in her activities. An opportunity to throw the ball for 'Thena in the local park but it takes most of the day.

An evening in Mark Masonry and the day has gone..
A glass of wine ( no not Chateau 41, I bought a bottle at the festive board but only drank one glass over dinner so a chance to sup some riocha - to be honest I can take it or leave it.)

So, a wish to everyone for the evening and maybe an early night.
Tried to cut out the dairy yesterday - no cheese and biscuits before bed - and found that the cough did not raise itself overnight. Will try again tonight and see if it is really having an effect. Still got a sore throat - but that could be my snoring...


Whoever would have known

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