Monday, 29 December 2014

29th December 2014 - Getting Colder

Thought for the day: "Saint Nicholas is the main Clause. His wife is a relative Clause. His children are dependent Clauses. Their Dutch uncle is a restrictive Clause. Santa’s elves are subordinate Clauses." Grammar lesson over !

Back home, and waiting for the central heating to take on the 5 day absence of heat in the house. Cold!  We have an extra heater on in the living room, but the cold air still comes through the windows.

If you are thinking of buying my house - It is very warm and cosy here in Llanelli !!

If you are not - then it is blooming cold !!!

Been a bit spoiled by a wood burning fire for a few says and a house that allows one fire to heat the whole presence ...  We are living in zones here ..

But, back to home and a glass of Chateau 41....    Nice!!


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