Friday, 26 December 2014

26th December 2014 - Boxing Day and who cooks the dinner ???

Thought for the day: "If you are afraid of Santa Claus... are you claustrophobic??"

There are meals and there are meals. And there are banquets it must be said. Sitting down to Christmas Dinner with 13 around the table - (no, I suggested a plate for Banquo's Ghost but there was insufficient room to squeeze another seat into the room), and the food keeps coming. 

My son in law, let's call him Stuart to protect the innocent, posted on the Book of Faces a comment that he seemed to be part of a growing  group of men who were preparing the traditional meal. And from the responses it seems to be a more popular male pastime than I recall in my earlier days.  Not one I have ever really subscribed too. I enjoy eating. And drinking.. that too!! ...  and I am a pretty good short order chef when it comes to breakfasts in particular. But the hours of preparation and work that is the creation of Christmas Dinner - or any major banquet, leave me fairly cold. 

However, in this household, the question whether 17 separate veg would be excessive captures the spirit of the moment. In fact I think we bottomed out on 13 or 14, and, like Banquo's portions, was more due to lack of space upon the table. A discussion regarding four types of gravy settled into a single Turkey Gravy, but with additional white sauce, bread sauce and some other thing that was probably creamed sweetcorn.... Two turkeys, but we did start on the second, so I suppose they were justified. Though most of this re-appeared in the delicious pie we devoured today, it being Boxing Day.

There are difficulties in keeping all of this veg warm. Indeed, the Broccoli was too cold by the time it had stood on the table and was dispatched to the Micro-wave to reheat... Sad to say - we did not find it until this morning when a cup of tea needed restoring to life in the Microwave!!  I think the chickens enjoyed it. Personally, I am not that fond of Brocolli, and have difficulty in recognising it in the wild, particularly the sprouting sort... (They weren't Brussells Sprouts!! - BLOG 25th Jan) so I did not see this as much of a draw back, but strangely my Grandchildren seem to like it!!   Must get it from the other side of the family !!!

So, several hours in the preparation.....  Half an hour in the demolition... And an hour in the clearing up.  But a full stomach is a good feeling for Christmas. No Chateau 41 here, but a reasonably priced rose for the lighter part for the meal and a few glasses of scotch afterwards (purely for ease of digestion don't you know) and a Game of Cards Against Humanity....  

Yes, if you have not played Cards Against Humanity then your Christmas is not complete. Go out and buy some straight away...  But best play after the Children and great Grandparents have gone to bed .. Trust Me !!!!

So... Merry Christmas One and all ....

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