Wednesday, 17 December 2014

17th December 2014 - Pound a Litre and Entertaining Children

Thought for the day : "How to find Will Smith in the snow ???  Look for Fresh Prints!!"

Today, I turned the clocks back quite a way..  Today I filled the car up with diesel and the pump read 99p a litre!!! No, it was not a mistake or a gimmick..  Well it may be a gimmick, in that it was the good old Tesco Petrol offer, which gives you 2p off a litre for every £50 you spend. So I was entitled to the maximum 20p a litre off as I have spent a lot in Tesco. With the fuel prices falling to 119p a litre I broke the £1 mark..

I have not sat down to work out whether I spent over the top in Tesco to get this offer. I suppose I am cynical enough to guess that there are no free lunches and the reduction in fuel is paid for elsewhere, but I have been fairly careful in my shopping and concentrating on special offers. I agree that I would not normally have bought a dozen litres of scotch, but I think it unlikely that they will drop below £15 a litre again in the near future

But for me it turned the clocks back and I filled the car with less of a heavy heart than usual..

My day got better with a Christmas Concert for the Llys Caradog Children's Centre in local Llwynhendy.
They have changed this place dramatically form the last time I visited - probably over 20 years ago, when it was a children's home - mainly for "disturbed" and vulnerable children. I used to call there as the local police constable due to problems for the home, the children or residents in the area. Sometime Crime, but usually emotional disturbances which, to be honest, we did not really understand back in those days.

But now, the center is transformed, but sadly the story telling and singing could not be held in the sensory garden as it was very wet, and so we went to Helo Goffa School, where I was joined by friend Lazarus Long, a story teller of repute, to entertain our young charges....

Dressed fully as Vollsanger - I approached my audience..

In fairness, the 20-30 youngsters, aged maybe 8 to 14, came in with carers, and sat in a large circle on their chairs, and the carers managed to get them settled and quiet.....  I started my act by introducing myself, and then, looking at the large box in the corner labelled "NOISY INSTRUMENTS", suggested everyone get up and grab the noisiest thing they could find to bang, blow, thump, or hit....  Which they did!

It was the loudest rendition of the "Green One" that I have ever heard, but they seemed to enjoy...  Following with the "Ladies of the Harem" and "When I fist Came to this Land" and then quieting them down with "Puff the Magic Dragon" ready for sitting quiet;y for Lazarus and his tale of the Pixieth Birthday Party...

When they came back to me - "Santa's lost his trousers" went down fairly well and another chors of the Green One with full drum and tamborines - and that was about it... 
All things considered I think it went very well

May be there is something in this Children's Entertainment - though I think it is pretty hard work !!!

An evening in the Queen Vic with Llanelli Folk Club and the day is at an end...

Cheers !!

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