Tuesday, 4 February 2014

4th February 2014 - Facebook is 10 years old - What changes have we seen??

As I sit at my machine this evening, and openly admit that I load both Outlook, for my email, and Facebook as my main windows on the world, it is interesting to cast a mind back 10 years before the advent of the FaceBook phenomenon.

I was not a supporter in the early days - in fact did not really commit myself to any of the "Social Media" facilities available then. I was persuaded to take out a Myspace account - in fact a friend took it out for me and pretty well loaded the three songs that are still on that site to this day.

Youtube did not interest me - until I started thinking about having my own videos many years later, and I only joined facebook in 2007 - which would be the first full year of trading as the Crimson Moon ....  

I have a concept of how it was in the old days because I had my "Wolves at CP" site running and the "Wolves-Pictures" web pages had been running since 2002. Those days we looked at the forums on the individual sites that we were interested in, Curious Pastimes, Sealed Knot, English Heritage...  At that stage we were not ready for the intrusive and inclusive nature of the facebook that was to be.

There were many changes through the years - where Facbook seemed to scorn all of us users and trample upon those things that we found so useful. I remember that it was the Photo Galleries that I found so useful - allowing tagging of people - which would increase the "links" that would support my business pages. Go to an event - take photos - tag people - "friend" them - add theme to the Crimson Moon

It was simple in the early years and you could reach most of your social network - and then the algorithms started coming in and the restrictions and the advertising.. But there was no real alternative - the photos were still there - the network was there - Google+ floundered  and there was no way I was going to migrate to the myriad of other facebook wanabees....  No I was caught in the trap and still am.

I have flirted with twitter and google+ and tumblr, and I store my pictures on Flickr. My Youtube now has over 46,000  hits ..

But when I post a birthday card or a witty comment, though I only reach 120 - 150 of my 2,800 contacts - I get more response on the facebook than upon  any of the other media...

So, I am stuck with it  at the moment until something better comes along. It is hard to imagine what it may be .. but then in 2006 I would not have imagined that I would be supporting Facebook on its 10th Anniversary..

So Happy Birthday Facebook ....
But tomorrow is another day .....    [scotch £15 at Morrisons this week until 9th february - with a £10 off offer on 4 week purchases over £40  just saying ! ]  Slainte!!


  1. For all it's faults you can't help but love facebook for bringing people that little bit closer. For instance if it wasn't for fb I wouldn't have known about your blog ;-)

    1. A very valid point ... well made :)
      Though the jury may be out on whether that is a good thing !!