Wednesday, 19 February 2014

19th february 2014 - Septimus was in his Prime

The year is 197 AD. Septimius Severus defeats Clodius Albinus at Lugdunum - possibly the bloodiest battle in Roman history. Clodius had been declared Emperor in Britain. Severus got rid of the Praetorian guard
Septimus Severus
Severus was the first to admit openly that the army shored up his imperial power, and he rewarded the soldiers accordingly .
He gave them a pay rise - the first for many decades - and allowed them more privileges. He knew that service in the army must be made more attractive. Another innovation was to distance the imperial house from the populace by making himself and his family sacrosanct, setting a precedent that was carried to extremes by Aurelian and Diocletian at the end of the third century.
Ever the realist, on his death bed in York in 211 AD, Severus told his sons to look after the soldiers and to ignore everyone else. 

So Prince Andrew celebrates his birthday today.  54 years old and the Grand old Duke of York. (KC, GCVO, ADC(P). He can march his men up and down the hill as long as he likes... I think they would prefer a pay rise!!

Another video from Burry Port Sessions on Monday - this time and enjoyable little song about taking the Bothy down to Llanfihangel Trothi.

The Bothy is my camper van and the Toll Gate is a lovely retreat with the stars of the Jude and Ant Fest from Llanthony....

It's never to late to go down to the Toll Gate....  It would be nice if the Bothy would transform itself into a mansion like  Simon Cowell's little run about !!

Mind you - if it cost £1.2 million I would expect it to be fairly spectacular...

Oh ... It is !!!

Still as a Transformer I think Septimus Prime or the Bothy would find it easier going up some of the hills we travel on ..
Septimus Prime
Who says history is not relevant ?? I'll drink to that !!!

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