Thursday, 1 November 2012

1st November 2012 - Start of another month

And so we move into November. The witches and skeletons of Walpurgisnacht have departed and we find  that we are still alive in our beds and, sadly for many friends, the zombie apocalypse is not actually with us yet. As one friend said recently, once the zombie apocalypse is with us we will at last know what to do with ourselves - life becomes simpler when you just have stop your brain being eaten!!.

Other friends are jumping on the MO-vember - the charity drive to grow a moustache during the 30 days of November - with daily photos, and sponsorship for charity - I think it is mainly a cancer charity...
Don't think I will join in with this plan - as I get irritable when I don't shave for a couple of days.

Down in Barton on Sea again this morning, the sun is shining though the forecast was for heavy rain, and it is very bright. Forgot to pack any extra contact lenses, so wearing for a second day (daily disposables!),  so after a short period of bleary irritation, we are back to normalcy...

Central heating is a fine thing, but we really are not used to heat at this level throughout the house. The charm of our own house is that there are arm spots - but also cool areas as you pass around. Only real drawback these days is the amount of stairs - which precludes the need for an exercise bicycle if nothing less.
A day with the in-laws, need to get father in laws car to an MOT for lunchtime, and hoping to get away about 4pm.

Went for a carvery last night - the Wheatsheaf just up the road. Oodles of food, lovely meat - but having done the unusual for me - adding some of the lovely looking deep brown gravy all over the food..  and sat down with a huge plate to find that there was a very strange taste!!   Thought the cauliflower cheese was off so tried to isolate it for a nibble - no joy....  Seemed to be all over the plate. Decided int he end that it may be the gravy and went back up to the carvery. Asked for a spoon and said " I think you have something very wrong with the gravy!"
I took a small taste on the spoon and  it was definitely inedible.
I gave the spoon the Chef and asked him to try...  As he took it I began to identify the taste. It was Tarragon, and thyme and sage, but so strong as to completely cover the taste of meat - and turn it from gravy into a herb sauce!!!
So the chef tastes and looks at me saying - " yes ??   what is wrong with that?? " seems that was what he was aiming at - I think he dropped the pot of herbs into the the pot and decided to cover his mistake up.
As far as I was concerned, I asked for another plate and tipped all of the veg onto the other plate. Went up and replaced the veg - but rather spoiled the meal.  Had a chocolate fudge and ice-cream for afters - something else that I do not normally do - but was useful to take the taste away.
But it was an evening out - and that was nice.

A good nights sleep - and batteries a little charged so will be able to face the packing of the Crimson Moon when we get back. Susie has had a clean bill of health for her hernia - turns out to be a pulled muscle - so we can start sorting and packing the canvass and getting it put away for sale.

And then I can start thinking about looking at the garage and the store sheds....  Ho Hum...
Maybe another cup of tea .......

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