Sunday, 25 November 2012

25th November 2012 - 3 Happence a foot...

"Sam asked Noah what was 'is business,
And t'ould chap went on to remark
That, not liking the look of the weather,
'E were thinking of building an Ark."

It is always claimed that British have little conversation skills other than to chat about the weather, too hot , too cold, too wet, too dry, too humid, too arid, too cloudy, too sunny, the hole in the ozone layer, the level of pollen, too cold for snow, too chilly for a storm.
There is a theory that the varied type of weather in the UK lends itself to becoming the central point of all discourse, and the great myth of British "reserve" has been compounded by the ability to talk inanely for hours without ever breaching a personal issue..... Well, I have just put that theory and therefore the statement "there is a theory" is 100% true....  

It may not be a good theory, but as I wake this bright November morning and look at the rain pouring down the bedroom window, snuggle under the bedclothes as I recall switching off the central heating last night in a vain attempt to reduce the forthcoming horrific fuel bills (and thank you Mr Cameron for deciding that we should all pay an additional £95 per household to help the energy companies invest in more green resources!!) my thoughts dwell upon my colleagues in the re-enactment and Live Roleplay & Fantasy Trading circles who are out this weekend trying to ply their trades. 

Ludlow Christmas Fayre is on this weekend, just over the border from Wales, many still hold that it belongs to us, after all it still says "Croeso i Loegr" as you enter England, "Welcome to the Lost Lands". 
Many friends are there and by all accounts the rain did not let up at all yesterday and the winds were horrific. Martin, of Martin's Jerked Meat lamented that the "Trade has gone cold" and from his ramblings I don't think that was all that was cold !!! Suddenly, finishing trading at the end of October all seemed to make a little more sense, even if the money was not coming in!! Still, Caerphilly Castle at Christmas to look forward to on 8th December - I will give them that long to get the weather sorted out again - I am not an unreasonable person.   [ Link to Caerphilly Fayre ]

So, it may not be Hurricane Sandy, or even Hurricane Dai, but the weather reports show a record number of  weather warnings including 4 "death threatening" levels.

Though in some senses I prefer this version which has a hint of simplicity about it ...

As I look out of my bay window in Llanelli, it is currently sunny here -  I hear that my Granddaughter is holding a memorial service this afternoon for Goldie the Goldfish who sadly passed away after consistent over eating - no flowers please...  monetary donations only .... and I wonder whether I should wish that it be dry for the mourners, or wet in memory of poor Goldie......

Never an easy decision for the Barkeep .....

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