Thursday, 22 November 2012

22nd November - 2012 - Thanksgiving in the Colonies

Thursday in bleak and miserable Wales - but on the plus side I don't have to go out and it gives me a good opportunity to monitor whether the bathroom wall is still leaking. Don't get me wrong, I have no desire for it to be leaking but it is always important to ensure that there is a logical and positive reason for remaining in the house, that is other than keeping warm, and dry, and it is possible that by positive thought and the power of the Force the leak will stop, or perhaps was never really there, like a crack in the wall of Amy Pond's bedroom...

So it is Thanksgiving in the Colonies, a great day for everyone, except a few million Turkeys one surmises.
Happy Thanksgiving
Decided to celebrate the day with a change of image on the Crimson Moon Facebook site. Thought the image idea worked quite well.

Been quite  a productive day really, managed to edit the last of the rehearsal sound check videos from the Solstice Cinema practice day - and put the "Race you to Valhalla" song onto Youtube.

Slowly adding the Youtube hits as they sit on 22276 Hits - though they do seem to sit on one number for about a week at a time and then jump up.

Started having a think about the Christmas Special for the Drunken Monks Teddies and the Crimson Moon as my Swan Song for my management of the Crimson Moon Tavern.  I think that the "Evil Baddie" (No-one will ever know who he is !! )  needs to return one last time  - I think that he may steal the colour out of the World leaving it in Black and White for Christmas  - best I can think of at the moment - Work in Progress.....

Susie still researching houses and finding a few more that may have some potential - should really be starting on clearing the house ... will start by planning I think....


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