Saturday, 10 November 2012

10th November 2012 - Quiet times

A daily blog is more unlikely while we are based at home and officially "Ceased Trading".
However a couple of days where the weather really has not prompted anyone to venture out into the real world, with a continuous drizzle and chilly temperature, so whenever we can persuade ourselves that there is no real urgent need to venture out - seems good reason to stay in !!!

Update on the Van ....  not good, changed the fuel pipe but the leak is still there so will have to change the fuel pump - garage looking to try and get the cheapest version - so letting them do the searches rather than pay Mercedes full prices...

Roof was better news - fantastic local resource who painted the front of the house managed to monkey up the back roof, change the coping stones, change the loose tiles and pull a triffid out that was growing down in the cavity of the bathroom wall - and was probably the main cause of all our damp!!!  A day later and despite rain - the wall is pretty well dry !!!

Managed to finish the outline accounts of the business for the last 5 years and hoping for an early and favourable response - would be nice to finalise any handover - and of course at the moment there is the option on a new purchaser starting income generation at the Caerphilly Xmas Fayre - we have ordered mulled wine for the event but are not intending to sell meads or country wines.

Also put together a set of stock options for a local public house should they wish to use some of our supplies. Basically - closing down the last areas of business with  a view to starting our new options.

Latest Poster for the Solstice at the Cinema put together - sadly missed the deadline for the printers - so will have to just use it ourselves..

Will be heading to the cinema tomorrow to see what is happening and take my camera to get the feel of the event.

So the US election has finished and was about as exciting as the forthcoming Police Commissioner election here in the UK which no-one knows about, no-one cares about and has to be one of the greatest waste of public and personal money lately. Two weeks ago I could not even find out who the candidates were ... and now they are electioneering with a week to go and seem to be only party political candidates...  I think that the bottom line is that anyone who decides that they will stand for election on the unsupported statement that they will put "more bobbies on the beat"  have really no idea about policing realities in this country.  And there you see the two candidates for Dyfed Powys - one Labour and one Conservative and both - you guessed it !!

So - site visits and singing tomorrow -  maybe some more recording when I get a chance ...   and really must look at the basement sometime soon !!

hmm finest "knights of the North - Bernicia 1000"  seems to be a little known malt .....  very tasty

Night - or should I say - Morning !!!

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