Saturday, 24 November 2012

24th November 2012 - Of little known Facts

Fact for the day... the word "Trigger" used for all our guns originated from the word TREKKER from the Dutch. [Dutch trekker, from Middle Dutch trecker, from treckento pull.]

This may not seem to be a very important fact, but I was more interested that I learned it in the middle of the night while sitting at my computer, on a pop up message from a very nice and attractive young lady who had possibly imbibed a little too much of the Mead, and who decided that the early hours of the morning was a good time to contact her favourite Barkeep and discuss early century firearms. Granted that the last time I met the young lady was at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross when she pointed a very large, and unloaded I hasten to add, blunderbuss sized weapon at me - and smiled with a rather demonical look in her eye .....
It seems that it was not a blunderbuss - her weapon, which she knew with anatomical knowledge predated such a piece of mechanical engineering by a laughable number of years, and though the communication was through the little box called "Chat" upon a Facebook page, with an annoying little "Ping" sound after every T was dotted and I was crossed, it was quite clear that the tone of the missives contained an air of "You don't know even the basics !!!   what kind of imbecile would make that sort of mistake !""

"blunderbusses are much later
I'm even pre matchlock
you can call it a hangoone or a handcannon
or arquebus"     

I suppose that if you are the Barkeep to a Re-enactment and Live Action Roleplay Historical and Fantasy Tavern, then you just have to expect being delighted by the rich tapestry of people that you meet across the country - even if it also involves having the occasional weapon pointed at you.

I am sure that my friends and associated in the USA will support the principle that every young lady in medieval gown should have the right to bear arms.   I certainly support that it makes for a more varied lifestyle - life does not get boring when surrounded by people who are involved in their hobby, and though this is the "down" season here in the UK, well for me at any case as I have no intention of putting up canvass and camping out in the rain and snow at the moment - (though arguably I did last year!!) it is a delight to still have access to the varied characters that have been our customers and friends over the last 10 years.

Oh, she also shared another interesting fact - it is the sort of thing that you do in the early hours of the morning - apparently a snail's orgasm lasts 30 minutes.....   

Well that was sort of a conversation stopper!!!...

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