Wednesday, 31 October 2012

31st October 2012 - Halloween

Happy Halloween
Down in the blowy south, Barton on Sea, rain overnight and a good wind shaking the trees. Dogs are convinced that e are going to leave them behind and follow us around the house and won't let us out of their sight. Well - last time we brought them here we went off for two weeks to Crete, so they may have a point.

A quick stroll through Milton and checking out the old second hand and antique / junk shop on the highway. Not the time to be adding more stuff to our collections. Can hardly see most of the house at the moment anyway.

Updated the Crimson Moon website picture for a fine witch flying over the moon, and put together some posters for the forthcoming show at Crosshands Cinema - "Solstice at the Cinema" for 21st December 2012.

Seems I am now on the lineup so will have to do some practising.!!!

Also provided some blank versions and this now has the full line up ...   will be playing with some really good artists..

No pressure then !!!
Cheese sandwiches and grapes for lunch - can't fault it....

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