Sunday, 14 October 2012

13th October 2012 - On the Subject of Green Things Green things

A week in my life is over - having supported 10 walkers along Hadrian's wall for a week - with logistics and driving, and three meals a day  for a week ...
Exhausted - will add main details tomorrow .....

In the meantime, as I have been asked a number of times the full story of the "Green One"
So here it is

My name is Vollsanger and I am a bard ..
I entertain in the Crimson Moon Tavern .. and I will sing you your favourite song for a copper piece... or move on and bother the next table for a Silver!!
(I make a lot of silver that way...)
Or if you are very lucky - for a couple of Gold pieces I will write a song about how brave and wonderful you are!!
One day... two small goblins entered the Crimson Moon Taven
Their names were Bloodsox and Gruesome

and these were the two goblins...
They said "Hey Mr Vollsanger Mr Vollsanger - can you write us a song about how big and wonderful and brave we are ??"
and I said - I could - but you are Goblins!!"
They said "But we have Gold!!"
So I took the Gold..
I said "Well tell me why you are so brave and wonderful .."
They said "We are Journalists !!!
I said - "well actually that is quite brave these days!!"
they said - "More than that ... We are TABLOID Journalists !!! We write for the Goblin Gossip !!"

"We went through the Portal when the Blood Queen was decimating all the world and killing everyone - to ask her side of the story !!"
I said "That was very stupid!"
They said " Yes.. we are Goblins!!"

So I took the Gold and I went away and tried to write a song about how brave and wonderful the Goblins were..
I tried...
  • I tried ..... and failed!!!
  • After all - I am a bard and have to be true to my calling!!!

    So I thought 
    "What do we actually know about Goblins???"

    • Well - First of all ... they are
    • GREEN!
      So i thought I was getting somewhere

      I thought - we also know that they are simple creatures!!!So I thought .. I will write a SIMPLE song about GREEN 
      I thought I was really getting somewhere here
      And then I thought - "what else do we know about Goblins???"And then I had it !!

      they are Frightfullly...Frightfullly...Frightfullly...

      So I needed a SIMPLE Song about GREEN that was Frightfullly...Frightfullly...Frightfullly...

      ANNOYING !!!
      and I succeeded..

      For this is the song that will wake you up in the middle of the Night ... that you will never get out of your mind - your grandchildren will sing it to you on your death bed !!!

      And here you have a Live Version
      A Green One
      So after a year or so ... We were in the Crimson Moon Tavern when some Belgian players came in and were quite confused by the whole thing...
      Until they caught on ...

      C'est une Verte!!

      And then German...

      and the German Dance version

      More to come ....

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