Sunday, 28 October 2012

28th October 2012 - Clocks go back

What a lovely practise it is  to change the clocks twice a year and confuse everybody's body clock. Strangely the dogs seem to take it in their stride- not wanting to get up any earlier this morning - but that could be because they take after their owners and are fundamentally lazy!

Had fun on the Book of Faces telling everyone to put their clocks back to a quarter to eleven - the official time inside the Crimson Moon every day...

"The time in the Crimson Moon is Quarter to eleven, Five minutes before drinking up time, time for one more drink.. Morning noon evening and night - always a Quarter to Eleven in the Crimson Moon .. always time for one more drink..." 

Managed to upload another video from the Renewal festivities. this time Phil Wallace and Calum Forsythe who came back in their old characters as Tamarlaine as Mongols and Sang Nancy's song or "Rann's Song"  "And Swallow!!" the song about the Mongols and the aftershock Challenge.  Is not too bad a version considering the amount of noise at the party at the time..
 Click to Play
Living room is manly clear now - the canvass is stacked upon the settee ready to be examined and checked for annual repairs. Clothes boxes are still stacked up but I think that we will have to sort all the costumes - after all I have a basement full of hanging costumes that will have to be stored away sometime - possibly a truck load of dress covers will do the job. Once the canvass is checked we should be able to get the carpets cleaned and perhaps put some furniture back into the room ...

Got the guitar out again yesterday and started working upon the old songs and possible new ones. Have the Solstice at the Cinema to think about for the 21st December at Crosshands - have to be original songs and most of mine are re-workings of familiar tunes. Am thinking Tapestry, Dance For me and seeing if I can sneak "Race you to Valhalla" in as it is still the most popular and rousing song I have.

Have a quirky little number that I started in Crete - well actually I think I was on the plane as the first lines came to me ... "Like a late night Kebab she'll be bad for you..."    Not exactly a Romantic song this time - well - we will see where it goes !!!

So - A Sunday to finish household accounts. Business stuff up to date - well other than tax returns for last year - I should probably start work on that soon. Normally would not touch it till December - but this year it will make it easier to get more figures together for the business. But there is a box here full of bills and records for the last three months or so - everything on standing order sop no real problems - but you have to watch and check where the money is going sometimes - particularly as I am now moving out of the cash economy - that will be a shock to the system !!!.

May get out with the dogs as well. Sadly the Van is in the Van hospital this week. The fan belt rotting away was caused by a fuel leak which was spraying diesel onto the belt and the leak has to be found. Wondering if it is caused by using Bio- may have got through a pipe somewhere.   But as a result - the Dogs were fairly peeved with me yesterday for not taking them out. May have to take a trip down to Burry Port and let them have a run on the way.

So to the end of the day and into the evening . The rain came in about lunchtime and it all got very miserable. Went out and bought two new curtain rails - have to keep the cold away somehow - and managed to put them up without them falling down - which is a bonus...
Didn't get around to the accounts .. so no change there.
Managed to edit another video form the August Period - will post that tomorrow - The Erin Navy singing outside the Tavern. Made me feel quite nostalgic!!

Smells like Sunday Dinner downstairs  - a good old fashioned roast - so better go and get the G&T out...

Sunday dinner was good ..
Got a picture from America


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