Saturday, 6 October 2012

6th October 2012 - Heading North

8am on a Saturday morning at Drew Towers, Coventry.
Glorious sunshine and a cloudless blue sky.
Seems to be a good portent for the week as I walked the dogs around the green. It is a touch cold and the ground is very wet, but there is a rumour of bacon and sausages heading our way care of Mr Sluggie.
Brought the wrong sat nav Daphne, this is the one that does not keep the charge unless plugged it.
Will not really cause a problem once we are on the road as I will be with the van most of the time - but a little annoying this morning as I was going to pre-programme the first sites into the machine so I just had to call up "previous locations"

Looks like about 6 hours from here to our overnight stay tonight.
It is our intention to go up and leave the trailer at the first camp site so we don't have to worry about parking the trailer at the Holiday Inn - which does not have a great deal of space for parking. One less problem to worry about .

Managed to break the key for the wheel clamp - so it is put together at the moment looking as though it secure - but really is only sitting there. Will try a little WD40 on the lock and see if I can get a pair of pliers on the tail end of the key.

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