Friday, 26 October 2012

26th October 2012 - the evils of alcohol

Beware the evils of drink.....
Up this morning surprisingly chipper - but had to clear a half eaten cheese and peanut butter sandwich from in front of the computer which had obviously seemed lie a good idea last night - or a vain attempt to absorb some units of alcohol - not much chance methinks.

Clothes neatly folded on the landing - didn't trust myself to wake the household,. Seems that I was convinced it was half past twelve not half past 2 - strange - I knew it was half past two when I left to come home...  so must have been a little self deception.

But managed to maintain my unbroken record of "nil hangover"  so can't have imbibed that much - much more the good company and conversation... though goodness knows whether the conversation actually included sentences by that time!

Just glad that I was only 40 yards away and the journey home was simple!!

So 10.47am and my second glass of diet coke and sitting at the blog before looking at Facebook and emails - which may be the way forward - having been a little remiss in the last few days in keeping a daily record.

Weather still holding fairly well. Van is in the garage - had the worrying symptoms of  ignition light on and no power assisted steering - which really sounded as though it would be expensive - turns out that a small oil leak had managed to rot the fan belt away over the last 4 years - and the fan belt had disappeared - meaning that the first thing not to have charge was the power assisted steering - so not a large job after all!!   Hasn't stopped the garage having the van for two days while they sort it out - but then I did just take it in and ask them to fix it between the vehicles that were properly booked in. When I said I was not in a hurry - i think that they took me at my word.....

Living room now 80% cleared - have only a few more boxes to sort and we can start on the examination of the canvass and repair where required. Normally a job scheduled for January and put off until March. But this year we can look at each section and then pack it away in its original covers which have not been used for years. It will be another stage of the packing procedure for the sale of the business.

Ho Hum ... lets see what is happening in the world ...

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