Sunday, 14 October 2012

14th October 2012 - After the Hadrian's Wall Walk

So we are back - and in one piece.
1417 miles driven and the walkers have managed 86.59 Miles.
They took 6 days to walk the entire country from Newcastle to Carlisle - and we managed to get them back to their cars in under 90 minutes in the van on the return trip.

But a great achievement for all.
We are totally exhausted after putting the Crimson Moon up each day and for the first days - taking down again afterwards and moving to the next location.
Luckily a decision was made after day three that we could use Hadrian's wall Camping Site - half way across the walk, as a base camp for the remainder of the trip - with me driving and collecting the walkers from the remaining stages.  This meant that we were able to leave the tent up - and get on with the main tasks of feeding the walkers and making them as comfortable as possible.

Managed with the exception of the Friday Night - where after rain in the day... the skies opened at night and we had such a deluge that the ground was covered with water right through the tent sadly soaking most of the walking kit as well as the walkers...

Had it happened on an earlier day - then the trip would probably have been cancelled - it was so demoralising!!

Last day saw them set off an hour form the Base camp - and we managed to get the tents down in the freezing cold and wet .... put everything into the van and trailer and get to the hotel  to drop the trailer off and collect the walkers form the Walls End...

After a shower and a night in the hotel - it all looked a little better.

After taking the drivers to their cars back in Newcastle - it was the 7 hour drive back from Carlisle.
Chose to come overland through Wales - cutting 70 miles off the trip and it looks like half an hour in travelling time ....

Will look at photos later today - but seem now to be getting into the habit of early mornings - up at 7.30am this morning ... so get the chance to look at the blog again ....
Van and Trailer outside the front of the house - but it is Sunday today so quite legal -
Having trouble getting the enthusiasm to unload all the wet canvass!!

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