Thursday, 25 October 2012

25th October 2012 - Farm Plans go back...

So - another Thursday comes around and not a lot of progress really other than catching up on some sleep.
The Living Room floor can be seen in places as I slowly re-box and re-stack all the accumulated contents of the Crimson Moon - forming an asset list as we go along.

Clearing the basement was a biggy - finding enough room to get everything stored.
Canvas that was already stored in the living room is now neatly stacked on the settees - awaiting checking and repair before being packed away for the last time.

Sadly - our option for a house swap for a farm has fallen through. The other parties are not yet ready to consider moving - so we have the uphill task of getting the house ready for sale now. Probably need to find somewhere for storage to get the place ready for a good house doctoring. Property is not moving very fast in this area and certainly not for substantial town houses - though maybe someone will look at it for conversion into flats...

Starting to seriously look for a smallholding now - seems to be a buyers market - but then we wil have to sell to be a buyer.

First pass at Tapestry as a video completed - need to redo the soundtrack and get the guitar work recorded in a better fashion. Hoping to call on friends to help me get the sound balanced properly.
Click to watch....  not a public link - so only accessible from this blog. Quite like the first attempt at storyboard for the video though.

May go and have a look at some property today - Rusty is whining again - getting bored. Not used to this sedentary life style I reckon...

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