Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July 17th 2012 - And ready for the off..

So....  Trailer loaded and ready to go - only the bits and pieces from the house to get together and load up. Looking for a midday leaving time and then a saunter up to the Midlands and a B & B in the Farm tonight.
Got my Frankie & Benny 20% off vouchers ...

Finishes the first draft of the Dredd Song last night. Seems that Sgt. Major Dredd - who was a bit of a ruffian - has been Knighted and is trying to appear "Knightly", helping his Lord and Master Ser Samuel Keel ( yes that is the way they write Sir for some reason) increase his lands. Apparently - his methods have not changed much and he does tend to lapse into his old ways .... So is he really the new Ser de Maccusweil - or is he still really just Dredd!!!

Order for Big Cheese in place - full pallet to be delivered directly to the Castle on Friday 27th July.
Dropped some advance payment to Vitis due to the size of the order.

Started updating the Guitar:

1.30pm and we are off
Switching off now
see you in Staffs

Now 10.30pm, and we are in a lovely B & B called the Rooks Nest Farm in the village of Weston.
And now it all gets interesting.. After all my middle name is Weston.. The reason for this is that my mother's maiden name is Weston. There is a lovely hotel here - which is an old stately home  - called Weston Hall.
So it all seems to be a lovely spot - and then we start talking with Jackie who is the owner of the Farm / B & B.

As the conversation goes to Sherrat's Wood Scouts - it seems that Jackie's Father is one of the key managers at the Scout Camp and knows if very well so we talk about that. The conversation then goes onto contacts in Bridgnorth - where it seems that Jackie has connections...and the fact that "little nanny" lived on High Rock - and I describe the three main houses upon the woods - One opposite Pendleston Castle (couldn't remember their names) Jack and Anni Weston in the middle  - and of course the "Bills" at the other end of the woods...
Then we get the bombshell...  "Oh - the Bills are my family !!"  Jackie's is related to the mother who was Ethel or Enid - can't remember now - Bill ...  Chances are we know the family - the family connections are in the mid to late 60's so may be ones that we should remember...  Will have to check with my sister and mother..  Will probably update these names tomorrow when I get the story right !!...

However - all a small world ....

Lovely dinner in the Woolpack - lovely pub on a large village green in Weston. Not too expensive and all deserts at £1.50 today - broke a habit of a lifetime and decided to have the healthy option - that is the toffee and clotted cream sponge with ice cream...  Yum...

Weather taken a turn for the better and there is a faint suggestion that the Jet Stream may be travelling northward - that would improve the weather at a stroke - so fingers crossed.
Ordered nice cooked breakfast for the morning ...... 9am start - no need to get up too early...

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