Sunday, 15 July 2012

July 15th 2012 - Another Sunday..

 Always nice to remember why we are doing this ...
Put up a little video yesterday to test the video engineering software  -came out okay and is called
"Some reasons that I LARP"..

About sums it up really ....
Better go and get some Oil and if it is nice enough - put the tents back together after Susie's repairs....

Looking at the amount that has to be done before we leave on Tuesday - I think it is time to start the lists again :

  1. Get Gin - 3.30pm
  2. Get Amaretto - people keep on asking for it and I keep telling them there is no demand !!  - 3.30pm
  3. Cooking Oil for Event cooking - always forget to bring it - Rape Seed   - 3.30pm
  4. Pick up Used oil for Biodiesel  - midday
  5. Check Existing Stock - enough for CP event - but need to estimate Big Cheese   - 3.30pm
  6. Order for Caerphilly - 4pm - 
  7. Revise TABS  - lost the computer file in the rebuild of the computer - midday
  8. Update Events Account Book - midday
  9. Work out Cash/Change requirements for next events - 9pm
  10. Print Business Cards - 10pm
  11. RAC - breakdown Cover for Germany 
  12. Insurance - cover for Germany 
  13. Euros for Germany 
  14. Load Trailer 
  15. Freezer and wine boxes to Van   - 3.30pm
  16. Re-lace and pack marquees  - midday
  17. Personal Banking update. midnight
That should keep me going ....

Hmm - mother just pointed out that it is St Swithin's day and it hasn't rained yet!!..
'St Swithin's Day, if it does rain
Full forty days, it will remain
St Swithin's Day, if it be fair
For forty days, t'will rain no more.'

Fingers crossed then !!

Another booking enquiry - this time for the Sealed Knot to be held in Carmarthen in 2014. Have informed them of main price structure and also that the "moon" may be working in conjunction with a partner by then so better able to meet the requirements of a larger muster.

Also looking at a booking for May 2013 - probable wedding .

Kelmarsh is rained off today - Tewksbury is very wet. Berkley Castle has just cancelled their event... Glad that we are not dependent upon Re-enactment at the moment  - at least the game systems seem to be going on ....

On a religious Note :

Sorted out requirements for Cash for next events - am looking at £500 in £1,£150 in 50p minimal in 20p and 10p as we do not do much these days in the smaller amounts - and have £200 in fivers ...

Got some 20% off vouchers for Frankie & Benny - so printed them for the trip up to Stafford
Also printed out the Kitchen List for the weekend.
Now the business cards ..... while the printer is on and the dog hides under the chair - seems he doesn't like the sound of the printer - goes frantic as soon as it is switched on - in fact I think that he now recognises the USB plug being changed....
Charged the Credit Card Machine
Charged the Camera Batteries
Started a song for Dredd - didn't get the recording session started tonight ...

11.43 pm and it started raining - so much for St Swithin - looks like 40 days of rain !!
Well - that was what the Countryfile Forecast said as well - and my mate Pete tells me you can see the Aurora from North London .. Something screwy with the world in my humble opinion...
Probably time for bed ...  

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