Thursday, 26 July 2012

26th July 2102 - Thursday - 

Managed a fair bit yesterday. Worked through the day on adnin stuff and then it was cool enough after 7pm for a couple of hours unloading the van and trailer. All sorted out now and the heavy stuff done so can look at what we are needing for the weekend and the trip to Germany.
Luckily, Susie mentioned the fact hat we have to lace the tent this morning - I had forgotten that it was unlaced and had put the wrong bit of tent into the van. That would have been embarrassing when we got to Caerphilly!!!

Sun is blazing down again -  and there is a n annoying fly caught in the window that is making a phenomenal amount of noise.

Well the van is ready for the trip to Caerphilly in the morning. Have loaded with the majority of stuff for Germany - leaving the costumes and some set dressing and drinks for loading on Monday Morning.
Sorted out the change - and got my Euros today so just about everything sorted
Have to put all the paperwork together for the vehicle and the insurance and the breakdown cover  and passports and it all gets very complicated !!!

Decided I will have to change the music on the iPod for the Angry Bird this weekend - need the old monks singing in the background... See if I can remember how to do it !!
Well - seems to be working ...  not the easiest way of doing things - but works - probably doing it completely the wrong way - but if I get the result i am not too worried...

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