Friday, 6 July 2012

6th July 2012 - Another week draws to a close

Seems I start every blog these days with the weather forecast/. they used to say that the British only speak about the weather because it is so variable that it becomes a good topic of conversation!  In our case these days - it seems to be that the weather is so consistent - and in consistent I mean bad - that it is still the subject of conversation. Well - today is little difference - except it seems to be dry this morning - fairly humid but still cloudy and overcast.

Seems like a day to go out hunting for oil again. Also will be able to take the embarrassingly large pile of bottles that are invading the upper staircases and stopping me reaching the upper floor of the house. Have the Terrano - so will be able to take some bags to the dump as well. Clear a whole area!!!  (and remove the evidence!!)

Looking at my to do list I see that I have not sent the invoice to Odyssey yet  - must get that done today - but will have to find the invoices from the beer company and Bookers as they will want the VAT receipt.

Will have to think about ordering for the next event at Bookers and see if they deliver that far - looks like we will be arriving on the Wednesday again - so we will probably take a travelodge for the Tuesday Night - that worked well last time. No word back for Lawrence about taking the dogs - so we may well have to take them down to the South Coast to the Outlaws... 
Also need to speak to the Beer company that are keeping our ales and lagers so they can get the delivery schedule done. Also may need to think about the end of the month regarding the Big Cheese -and decide how much stock I want to carry.
Tempted to rebuild the computer as well  - getting very erratic now.

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