Monday, 16 July 2012

July 16th 2012 - So much for St Swithins....

Well - to be fair - the rain started 40 minutes before the end of the day - so by the rhyme it seems that we are stuck with rain for 40 days !!!  I thought that the Rainbow was meant to say that this would not happen again!!

So - the prospect of loading the Trailer in the rain. Will have to make some sort of arrangement of a canopy with Tarpaulins to keep most of the water off while sorting everything out...

Freezer is in the van already though - and switched on with an extension cable.
Found an MP3  player with FM output last night at a ridiculously cheap price.. I think it is what I want for the van / car  so I can play MP3's and listen through the FM radio - ut at under a fiver including post and package - if it is wrong then it is really quite disposable...

Had another booking this morning - this time for the Bears Faction in Lorien Trust.
Is a bit early - wanting March 15-17 where we would not normally take bookings that early - but will have to negotiate with prospective buyers - I anticipate that as a new business the more bookings early the better - but have advised the client that I will have to confirm later and take deposit at that time...

Carry forward the lists from yesterday :

  1. RAC - breakdown Cover for Germany - 11.30am
  2. Insurance - cover for Germany   - 11.30am
  3. Euros for Germany 
  4. Load Trailer 7pm
  5. Get Change from Bank - 11.45am
  6. Confirm Vitis Order.  - 11.30am
Had to be done - copied to the file

Don't suppose I can put the loading of the trailer off much longer - doesn't look as thought he rain is going to stop !!!

Most of the tasks completed ...  Trailer loading was mainly in the dry later on - a little rain but nothing much.
Think I will take the big tarpaulins for ground sheets.

Well - better think about writing a song for Sergeant Major Dredd - he wants one for Germany...

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