Friday, 27 July 2012

27th July 2012 - Caerphilly Castle - Big Cheese

Started the day with a phone call from the courier service at 9.15am saying that they were ready to deliver two pallets of Mead and Wine at the Castle...  and where was I ???   I explained that the delivery was due for after lunch time and they decided that the details said after 10am - and it was still before that time!!
So - it seems that with the large pallets on - he couldn't do any other deliveries and had to drop this one ..  or I could meet later in the day if I chased him and found where he was.
There was no option for delivery on Saturday as they do not deliver on Saturdays!!
I was still in Llanelli - I explained and could not get there before 11am ( actually we got there at 10.30am - but I am more used to driving at trailer speeds...)
Final compromise - he was delivering to the Card Factory in the shopping centre opposite the castle - and they would look after the pallets till we got there .. So Job Done !!!

Steady journey down the motorway and a nice set up - what a delight to only have a twenty footer and a small set up ...  with a trial for the Germany trip...
Sunny and hot - for a change - but all there and Susie just arrived with the Chinese ... yum...

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