Tuesday, 24 July 2018

24th July 2018 - Dresses and CP Event Photos

Thought for the day:"Warning! When camping - If your tent is stolen over night – you will not be covered"

So we can start with this little Daily Trump missive ...  I love the concept that he really does not understand the game that he should be playing ...

In other news - a picture of one of Susie's dresses being used for a friend's daughter who was having a music exam - and allowed to wear an appropriate costume - here is is one of Susie's dresses...  Looking good

And after the Curious Pastime Event - I managed to get a few Photographs arranged last night ...  prevarication of course - the Bothy is in the Garage again with suspected Clutch Master Cylinder problems - hopefully all fixed in plenty of time for the weekend ... Full link here

And so - with those few thoughts - Cheers !

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