Wednesday, 18 July 2018

18th July 2018 - Of Collective Nouns and World Peas

Thought for the day:"The policeman said “you’re staggering” I said “you are pretty handsome yourself”. We laughed and laughed – Need money for Bail"
Ever think you want to remember all of those collective nouns? Some of these are new to me - though I thought I had learned most - A Peep of Chickens, a business of ferrets, a hover of trouts, a pitying of Turtledoves...   And so for posterity I shall just leave this here ...

and while we are watching Trump and hos antics around the globe I thought i would point out that we have

Decided to re-master the Video for Valeria of Mythodea...   seems to work quite well

and so another day - and best get back to washing the Bothy - of course it rained yesterday after I finished the half I had done - but she is a big beastie ...  takes a while to scrub...


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