Friday, 20 July 2018

20th July 2018 - Salem Revisited

Thought for the day: "If smoking is so bad – why does it cure Bacon?"

In Wigan this weekend for Curious Pastimes event 3 ... 
Bothy all washed and cleared and T Cut and looking shiny and new .... Fingers crossed for a good trip  prior to Next week in Germany ...

Saw this comparison photo of the famous Salem Picture. It is said that she was so proud of her new shawl that the Devil came into Chapel with her and you can see him looking to the right on her arm - the face made out of the pattern of the shawl....

As you can see in the current photo - the pictures of Salem are there as well on the wall - otherwise there appears to be very little difference..

Salem 1908

and Salem 2018 ...

and some random Trumpery

and so
Cheers !

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