Wednesday, 11 July 2018

11th July 2018 - Of digging pools and keeping your head above the water

Thought for the day:"Apparently you can get a degree in delivering the mail - it is Post Graduate"

I saw this short film about two lads taking 2 weeks to make a swimming pool around their underground house - using only sticks to dig their way into it ...  hats off to them

Rehearsal this morning for this evening's double ceremony in Knight's Templar where I am explaining the symbols  - something I did not really need at this stage in the week - but never mind ..
Also finding it slow to get the rest of the accounts over for the year - but it will get there ...

I feel a bit like digging a swimming pool with sticks - but we will get there !!

Not so hot today - but it looks as thought there may be thunderstorms tomorrow which is a bit of a pity as Susie is going deep sea fishing again - this time to Lundy Island - a full 8 hour fishing trip ... She will have to be up early int he morning to catch the boat at Tenby by 7am..

I wish her luck


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