Thursday, 19 July 2018

19th July 2018 - Of Bridges and Booze

Thought for the day:"I've sharply cut back on my beer drinking. Luckily, whisky is helping me through this challenging time."
And to celebrate an anniversary...

Chepstow Railway Bridge was used for the first time on 19th July 1852, allowing the Great Western Railway to open its line from London to Swansea.

The "Great Tubular Bridge" by Isambard Kingdom Brunel is considered to be one of his greatest engineering achievements, as the span of 300 feet needed to be self supporting. This is because on the Monmouthshire side there is sedimentary deposit subject to daily flooding and the height requirement of 84 feet above high water required by the Admiralty to allow free passage of vessels ruled out an arched bridge. As a result, Brunel designed the bridge to be suspended by chains from two 9 foot diameter cast iron tubes.

But lets gets back to serious stuff..

and of spiritual matters and the Gods...

So - here is a good suggestion

Cheers ! Seems Jesus has been in the Supermarket 

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