Thursday, 12 July 2018

12th July 2018 - warming up to Summer

Thought for the day:"How long should you cook those boil in the bag fish? You know – the ones you get at the fairground"

Oh well - Consecration Day minus 1 .....
Seem to have most of it stored away in my mind - as I go walking around in circles and mutter to myself ... probably just as well that Susie is away deed sea fishing - or as deep as it gets out of Tenby.. I think she said Lundy Island - but that seems a long way out !!

Dogs are looking at me in  a disappointed fashion - as though because I was home alone I would take them out in this heat ...   as it is still very warm out there. They say that Global warming is going to make the summers hot from now on - personally I prefer them a little cooler...

So - as I get nearer to Mythodea - time for another song from my friends in Saitenweise and PurPur

Back to the books then ...

Just a friendly little cat..

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