Thursday, 2 March 2017

2nd March 2017 - World Book Day

Thought for the day:"I've just called the tinnitus helpline. It just kept ringing."

So.. today is World Book Day it seems - didn't happen in my day - but that is because it is celebrating 20th anniversary this year....
World Book Day is a celebration of books, authors, illustrators and reading.
It’s actually a pretty big deal with around 100 countries taking part in the day across the world.
Hundreds of bookshops, schools, publishers and others take part in the event to encourage people, primarily children, to read.
Books can often be found on sale for discounted prices and 15 million book tokens will be handed out to get more money off. The idea is that by ensuring children have access to books they have the opportunity to be able to find their love of reading.
Books, book tokens and resource packs with ideas and activities will also be sent to nurseries and secondary schools with ideas to get people involved.
The day is designed and organised by UNESCO.

For many in this country it seems that it is the day to dress up in your favourite  character - in m y case I have two out of three grandchildren...

the pirate from Portside Pirates

Presenting Olga Von Veenan from the Woebegone Twins

And time for another pie chart

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