Monday, 13 March 2017

13th March 2017 - What if ?

Thought for the day:"I had amnesia - once or twice."
March 13 is the 72nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 293 days remaining until the end of the year. 

Thought you may wish to know that .....

But then - What if....? (the story so far..)

Dan Killip: What if there weren't any green ones?
Trevlar Flute: What if Rick Astley gave you up???
Andrew Cain: What if we all formed an orderly queue for Valhalla?
Steve Clark: And what if it was already well stocked with mead? :O
Dan Killip: What if she hadn't stole his heart away? (Oi!)
Jonathan Woodhouse: What if Jayne wasn't the Hero of Canton?
Iain Sewell: What if Vollsanger was not there all week ?
Dan Killip:  what if he didn't travel quietly on for a silver?
Graeme Simpson: What if it were a light shade of pink?
Jon-Paul Filkins: What if it wasnt just a friendly little cat?
Lois Keaney: What if he didnt love her always?
Blossom Ouro: What if you couldn't shut up and drive?
Alex Edinborough: What if Sir Mixalot didn't like big butts?
Kit Farinelli: Alternatively, what if he COULD lie?
Alex Edinborough: Or all his other Brother's could, in fact, deny
Margrét Lára Hreindal Arnardóttir: What if Maggie mayhem wasn't still at your door?
Will Robinson: What if it wasn't London calling after all?
John Pierson: What if Ebenezer wasn't good?
Dan Killip: What if they don't get back up again after getting knocked down?
Will Robinson: What if both Haddaway and Foreigner knew what love was all along?
John Pierson: What if Blink 182 actually were liked at 23?
Margrét Lára Hreindal Arnardóttir: What if backstreet boys really wanted it that way?
Blossom Ouro: What if you try your best and you DO succeed?
Iain Sewell: What if you didn't do it your way ?
Jan Heiden: What if Lemmy had drawn the Ace of Hearts?
Dan Killip: What if we DID break the chain?
Iain Sewell: What if they already knew it was Christmas?
Blossom Ouro: What if Limp Bizkit didn't keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, what?
Irina Babka: What if it was just another sane monday?
Dan Killip: What if, in the end...... it DID matter?
Blossom Ouro: What if it was just a scene, and not a god damn arms race?
Martin Loxton: What if nobody bought the stairway to Heaven?
Irina Babka: What if God wasnt one of us?
Iain Sewell: what if my sword was not sharp?
Blossom Ouro: And what if its not here with me?
Iain Sewell: and what if I was not in the Black Company ?
Blossom Ouro: What if eminem isn't the real Slim Shady?
Dan Killip: What if we didn't March the column in, the column out.......
Iain Sewell: what if he wasn't tasty ? (Dave Palfreyman)
Irina Babka: What if the man who won the lottery didn't die the next Day?
Blossom Ouro: What if evanescance could wake up?
Will Robinson: What if they DID start the fire?
Iain Sewell: what if I shot the deputy ? and not the sheriff
Blossom Ouro: What if said, "I said I like cricket, but dont love it?"
Irina Babka: What if I would walk 600 miles?
Irina Babka: what if it was Mama who just killed the man!?
Will Robinson: What if guilty feet DO have rhythm?
Blossom Ouro:  What if I'm not calling out to Scatman's world?
Will Robinson: What if Seal compared cocaine to smooching an entirely different flower, such as a tulip?
Martin Loxton: What if nothing happened at 23:58?
Irina Babka: What if 1999 wasn't such a good party anyway?
Blossom Ouro: What if punk rock destroyed the metal?
Irina Babka: ...or radio the video star?
Martin Loxton: What if new wave, techno, and grunge, were all successful in destroying the metal?
Blossom Ouro: What if we've not been spending most our lives livin' in a gangsters
Iain Sewell: What if I am not watching you every breath you take
Iain Sewell: What if Fu is not Fabuwus? (Bruce Teggart)
Blossom Ouro: What if everybody wasnt kung-fu fighting?
Rod Millard: What if Meat Loaf would do that?
John Pierson: What if the Smooth Criminal was a pacifist?
Blossom Ouro: What if I'm not Iron Man.
Matthew Moorhouse: What if Black Lace didn't shake the pineapple.
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the Recruiting Sergeant told the truth! Erol Kentli
Rachel Heaton: What if noone let the dogs out?
Matthew Moorhouse: It'd ruin the carpet!
Rachel Heaton: What if god was one of us? Wait...damn
Dan Killip: What if I was a superman?
Dan Killip: What if there was sound?
Matthew Moorhouse: What happened if it's only a partial eclipse of the heart?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if Queen wasn't going slightly mad?
Irina Babka: But instead full on bonkers!
Rachel Heaton: What if nobody hurts? Sometimes
Matthew Moorhouse: What if Bella Lagosi wasn't dead?
Rachel Heaton: What if I dont wanna swing from the chandelier?
Rachel Heaton: What if there was only 98 red balloons?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if a girl in goggles doesn't do it for me?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the dagger came from Hammersmith.
Rachel Heaton: What if we cant be bothered to wait for the hammer to fall?
Rachel Heaton: What if it was a bat out of heaven?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if I like Mondays?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if Video only injured the Radio Star?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the dashboard light wasn't working?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the night boat doesn't go to Cairo?...
Matthew Moorhouse: What if he wrote hardbacks?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if he was a middle aged firestarter?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if he wasn't so vain?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the Sherif does like it
Dan Killip: What if you could leave the hotel?
Rachel Heaton: What if YOU shot the sheriff?
Rachel Heaton: What if its not fun to stay at the ymca?
Rachel Heaton: What if 2 out of 3 really is bad?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if I had put my whisky away?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the weather had been temperate?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if my neighbour hadnt been in?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if it hadn't rained?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if there had been soothing ointment?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the Court had chosen a different route?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the sheets were beige.
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the goblins were at the stern?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if Lord Wolfy didn't dream? (Dave Palfreyman)
Matthew Moorhouse: What if she had finished at two?
Matthew Moorhouse: What if the bowl was square?
Alex Edinborough: if Sammy Hagar could drive at 55 does that mean Dave Lee Roth would be talking about love?
Alex Edinborough: what if Chopin had actually finished it?
Tam McPherson: What if there couldn't be only one?
Tam McPherson: What if it was Just a Friendly Little Dog?
Tam McPherson: What if Tanja hadn't gone? (Iain Tanja Merfeld ?)
Kate Millard-Starkey: What If the hokey cokey isn't what it's all about?
Katy Page: What if it really WAS shaggy....
Iain Sewell: What if I didn't hear it through the grapevine?
Carl Bryden: What if Trent reznor only wanted a cuddle?
Sally Ball: What if the pavements were chasing me?
John Gathercole: what if we DIDN'T do the Funky Gibbon?
Iain MacDougall: What if it wasn't peanut butter jelly time?
Lillian Yvonne Penny Sharp: What ifTLC didn't go chasing waterfalls
Lillian Yvonne Penny Sharp: What if Bryan Adams didn't do everything for you?
John Gathercole: What if she didn't buy a Stairway to heaven?
John Gathercole: What if they could only walk 499 miles?
John Gathercole: What if nobody bothered to light my fire, would I still need it relit?
Lillian Yvonne Penny Sharp: What if it wasn't all about the bass?
Ben Weasel: What if it turned a blacker shade of dark?
Dan Killip: What if Taylor Swift didn't have a blank space? (Pfft.... as if....)
Jan Heiden: What if Nancy Sinatras boots weren't made for walking?
Sue Sewell: what if the Bridge was over a mill pond?
Dan Killip: What if we weren't all chained to the rhythm?
Lillian Yvonne Penny Sharp: What if Katy Perry didn't roar?
Jan Heiden: What if KG and Jables had played the second best song in the world?
Christian Reiter: What if General Taylor still lived?
Andrew James: what if Loki didn't make me do it?
Iain Sewell: What if they already knew it was Christmas?
Robert Waldhans: What if Lucy wasn't in the Sky with Diamonds?
Christian Reiter: What if the valley was so high and the mountain was deep?
Iain Sewell: What if there were only non-alcoholic beverages in the sky?
Christian Reiter: What if the sailor was sober early in the morning?
Iain Sewell: What if it was someone I didn't used to know?
Lillian Yvonne Penny Sharp: What if the ladies were married?
Christian Reiter: What if the Scorpions listened to the wind of consistency?
Gareth Thomas: What if I forgot I am a womble?
Christian Reiter: What if AC/DC were on a highway to heaven?
Iain Sewell: What if Talking Heads were on a road to Somewhere?
Lillian Yvonne Penny Sharp: What if Joan Jett loved country music?
Laura Mitchell: What if Freddie Mercury was having such a bad time and wanted it to stop?
Lillian Yvonne Penny Sharp: What if he wanted to stay? ??
Darrell Henwood: What if Rick Ashley gave you up, fooled around and intentionally hurt you?
Christian Reiter: What if the guitar player on MTV got money for something and was charged for his chicks?
Christian Reiter: And what if the dire straits had to move microwave ovens and to install these refrigerators and colour TVs
Dave Banks: What if the horse had a name?
Christian Reiter: And if he went to the ocean on this named horse
Christian Reiter: What if you always left the weather behind?
Jon-Paul Filkins: The Skids - Into The Valley, what if the lyrics were distinct and clear?
Duke Henry Plantagenet: What if the first Jesus actually abolished Monday mornings and Friday afternoons? And made the second Jesus eat a sandwich. . .
Duke Henry Plantagenet: What if Fernando couldn't hold a rifle anymore? Or even hear the flaming drums? What if he can't remember a barking thing about a dunk in the Rio Grande?
Duke Henry Plantagenet: What if I'm standing here, *not* actually looking at you? What if I'm looking at a small, something threatening me instead? Which would be more sensible
Jon-Paul Filkins: What if we did stop Mr Mercury for having such a good time?
Iain Sewell: What if he was Mr Centigrade?
Robert Waldhans: What if Love isn't all you need?
Carl Bryden: What if messrs rotten, vicious, jones and cook were solidly against the monarchy?
Margrét Lára Hreindal Arnardóttir: What if you did go chasing waterfalls
Duke Henry Plantagenet: What if you didn't catch a falling star, or it burnt its way out your pocket?

Cheers !

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