Wednesday, 29 March 2017

29th March 2107 - Fashion !

Thought for the day :"Every day is a gift - it is the present"

Back in Llanelli and it is raining and fairly miserable.

I thought I would muse upon the vagaries of fashion this morning. As many who know me will attest - I am not normally the most fashion conscious person upon the planet. Value and comfort tend to be key factors in my spending practice. Two pair of shoes for £12 from Shoe zone will do me fine thank you very much. A lot of my time I wear corporate clothing - Crimson Moon or Vollsanger. I find them comfortable and inexpensive.

As a working man I was mainly in uniform which was provided and gave me little opportunity for decision making on a daily basis - in clothing that is....   Nowadays, my dark suit is for my formal meetings - primarily Masonic with the occasional Morning Suit thrown in...

So comfort and economy steer my views.. rather than sartorial elegance

So this picture amused me today...
Another good reason not to join the Euro...

Cheers !

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