Friday, 24 March 2017

24th March 2017 - DMB - The Search for Vollsanger Starts

Thought for the day: "Been learning how to guess the weight of dogs - picked up a few pointers yesterday."

Got a sunny day for a change ... it has been so cold the last few days that I though we were heading back into winter...  But we are after the solstice so I suppose this is appropriate..

In other news - I managed to lose a medal from the Black Company at the last event. It is on the sash that I wear along with my Grand Expedition regalia - and only really noticeable as missing when I put the kit on in the morning. I knew it was there on the Saturday and Sunday morning it was missing - only the ribbon - I had not noticed that it was tied to the ribbon by a cord rather than stitched on.

So a search of the site, the area where I had been foolishly running around like a mad thing with a bow and arrow, the bar area, the area where I had been attacked by monsters and demons (don't ask), and the arena where I unsuccessfully defended my Spoon and Mandolin  successes of previous years - all to no avail.

But, as luck would have it, when they cleared the bar area, the medal was found!

Now - the only issue is how to get it back to me ... It seems that when LARP Con was holden, as I was unable to attend at the last minute, the Drunken Monk Teddies had to stay with me and so a Drunken Monk Bear (DMB) Novice was chosen - I do not even know if he has a name !

As we are currently looking at the Cosmology of the Crimson Moon (how you can walk in one door and out another into a different realm or time) it is clear that the poor little DMB would have to try to cross space and time to find Vollsanger.... carrying the medal of course...  and here he was ready for the journey..

DMB - Novice
It seems he had no compass to help him so I thought he may do a "snoopy" and carry a globe with him instead...
And off he went..

I may have too much time on my hands ... here is the video of the start of his journey...
Drunken Monk Bear - the Search for Vollsanger


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