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28th March 2017 - A Bad Night Out - Wheatsheaf New Milton

Thought for the day :" Clones are people two."

Don't often think about reviews but the Wheatsheaf at New Milton deserved a response after spoiling an evening out..  For the last few days we have avoided eating out, but as last day down here for a few days we decided to try the pub - and I fancied the Hunter's Chicken - normally a good choice....

But.....   well this is the report...

A Huge disappointment and blatantly overcharged as well”
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After many satisfactory visits to this eatery over a number of years, always with my 89 year old father in law who tips blatantly (It is his way) but whose appetite is only low these days - I went with my wife and father in law this evening for a meal and a drink.

Now granted that there was a carvery and it is curry night, after a harrowing afternoon in the hospital we called in and decided on a lamb steak specifically with boiled potatoes as he cannot eat chips, and two hunter's chickens to be followed by sweet...

We have been before so paid at the bar and took a soft drink, a pint and a glass of wine to the table.... Service was slow but we were in no hurry. Only one waitress and a lad who was later identified as the Manager ( for the evening I presume).
But they were pleasant enough.

When our food arrived - the lamb was with chips and was sent back.
After enquiry it was explained that there were no boiled potatoes - though they are normally part of the carvery - and reluctantly settled upon roast potatoes of which he was only able to eat a little..

But the Hunter's Chicken came as a plate of chips with a piece of cooked chicken!!
I sent it back and five minutes later the waitress came back to inform me that though they would do it this time - they advised me that the "£25 special with wine only included the roast chicken" I pointed out that we did not have the "special" and had purchased a glass of wine separately - and had paid £38.50 for the meals - to the very waitress advising us !!!

We finally got a re-cooked version of our meal - the chips were soggy and I gained the impression that they had just re-heated them - the chicken was in a watery barbecue sauce with a piece of bacon and melted cheese ..... a sorry excuse..

I asked for a manager and was pointed to the young lad / server.. I asked him if he was the manager and had to repeat three times as he only grunted in reply - I do not know to this day if he could master the English language - I was at the bar and explained what had happened and asked if he was going to charge me for the glass of wine and Appletiser I was purchasing due to the lateness of the serving - at £7...
He grunted something that sounded like no - so I continued my meal...

Ordering the Ice Cream as it was gluten free and a sticky pudding and custard for my father in law - the serving bell (the one that the chef used to state that food is ready for serving) was rung three times and I was about to go and serve myself when it arrived...

I think it tasted alright - I was no longer hungry and did not eat.

We decided to go - and I went to the "manager" to pay for the sweets.
He said "Two sweets" and charged me £7.90
I said "No" "Ice Cream and one sweet"
He said it was £7.90
I said check your menu - Ice cream is £2.95 - Sweets £3.95 - total £6.90

He agreed - no apology - just took my money..

For an establishment serving the number of elderly in this area - this lack of care is bordering on criminality - I know my father in law would have paid, not complained and tipped heavily under normal circumstances..

I say to anyone in New Milton - "Buyer Beware" and check your bill and your change
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Don't get me wrong - anyone can have a mistake, anyone can have a busy day, but customer service is about how you rectify a mistake - not how you ignore it ....

I have been in the service trade too long to accept bad service and products without mention. Even a local pub now charges substantial amounts - there is no such thing as  a cheap night out - and so everyone requires supervision that can rectify mistakes and mollify a customer...


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