Saturday, 2 November 2013

2nd November 2013 - Fires Fun and Fireworks

The wind was whistling around in circles and the Bothy decided that she did not really want to stay in one lane as we once more traversed the good old M4. Dogs safely in the back, Delft nappied and all hatches battened down.  The Swansea Bridge was interesting as we headed down to Pontyclun, me for the Provincial Allied Masonic Meeting, and Susie to read her kindle....

Sadly, the Park at Pontyclun seems to be the one part of South Wales where there is no 3G signal so her book failed to download - leaving her a little bored for an hour before starting the on going journey.

On down to Exmouth where copious cups of tea and Susie safe Banana cake acts as prelude to a huge bonfire and the prescribed "one firework per person" which still left us with about an hour of firework show in the rain...

A few drinkies and a few songs made for a good night among friends.

New covers and avatars uploaded.

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