Thursday, 28 November 2013

28th November 2013 - Happy Thanksgiving - well not for the turkeys I suppose

Yes, it is that particularly American institution that they introduced because they failed to try to blow up their parliamentary buildings and therefore were robbed of the opportunity to have a festivity in November and let off fireworks.  Thanksgiving !!! A time of celebration and over eating. As good time for everyone, except the turkeys. In this country the turkeys are still fattening ready for Christmas... But the great cull is in process on this day...

May have to change my facebook cover page just to reflect this ...

Meanwhile the household has a chance of getting back to some level of normalcy. Eileen was returned home yesterday, and seems to be a little more comfortable. the hospital once more failed to get her medicines sorted, but luckily we have a pharmacy that will bend their rules slightly and do not rest on their laurels. Of course, she was meant to come home the day before, and was delayed by the lack of availability of ambulances ....  Today in the local paper, we find that the matter was worse than we thought - and at least she was able to stay comfortable in a bed.

It seems that 8 ambulances were tied up for several hours, and in one case an 85 year old lady with pneumonia spent 4 hours in the back of the ambulance before spending another 7 hours in A & E waiting to be seen....  Well, having seen Susie waiting there for hours I can believe that it happened.

And the spokeswoman from the Hywel Dda Health Board said: 

"The health board must make operational decisions every day to ensure our services can meet the needs of patients and are delivered safely.
"Due to hospital capacity pressures across the health board on November 26, our hospitals supported each other to manage this demand."
Well - I am sure that this makes us all feel a little better.

So, family back where they should be. Car back from the garage. House warm enough not to put the central heating on (well until later methinks) - Chickens still laying - though they should be having a moult by now according to the experts ( well Susie  !) . As I let them out this morning - and boy were they active and noisy,  I did note that there were a number of stray feathers strewn across the garden - so they may be starting to moult after all. Ritual all learned for the meeting tonight. all seems quite well in the world.

So, thanksgiving seems quite appropriate for this Thursday morning..   Seems like a good day for everyone - well - except the turkeys ....

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