Thursday, 14 November 2013

14th November 2013 - Mulling Over...

Not an early rising day. In fact - I was a little tardy. But I do have the excuse that I am still recovering in my "Man Flu" sort of manner - and there really is not a lot to be doing. Did manage to let the dogs out at about 10.30am, and release the girls.. 3 Eggs yesterday - but not sure if one was from the day before - as I collected quite early and not sure I checked when I put them away early. So, it seemed rude not to crawl back in for another hour !!!

Just before midday the pallet lorry arrived and a half dozen boxes of mulled wine turned up at the door - as well as 36 bottles. Enough to keep us going for the Caerphilly Castle Christmas Fayre. Actually looking forward to getting back out and doing some trade. Do seem to miss it. Not the hefting and the set up, but the people and the style of work. Hopefully, it may bring in a few hundred pounds to help with the Christmas Expenses.

So back to normalcy. There are boxes of wine in my front room once again!!  Well no-one is calling around to look at the house - so keeping it clear is less a priority, though it is staying fairly neat and tidy!!
News from Aylesbury this morning that Susie has succumbed to the Keen Lurgy, not the 'flu one that she seems to have escaped, but the stomach bug one that gives you a nasty 8 hours of lack of responsibility at either end, and drains you for the next couple of days. Well, I told them straight, they could keep her there until they could send her back in the condition that they received her !!!

Still scheduled for a trip to the South Coast for Saturday - but may be Sunday / Tuesday now, and Vic needs to have his teeth done as well - so is hoping we can stay a little longer - we shall have to see - Have to be back by Wednesday evening - yet another meeting - Cardigan that time. Busy Busy Busy!!!

So, back to the summer and a trip down to Llanthony Priory with the Colonials and Mum.

and my two wonderful ladies ...

Speak No Evil, Hear no Evil, See no Evil!!
So - better upload to Facebook now before going out   (again!!)

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