Tuesday, 26 November 2013

26th November 2013 - Bargain Hunting.....

So, the scaffolding is down next door, so trying to contact the SKY engineer to see if he can set up a new call to come and put the dish back where it should be on the back wall.  We do not really need a change but the signal strength indicator shows that it is not as strong as it used to be.

Broadband seems to be maintaining a reasonable strength - and not playing up too often.
Just as well since I am having to hunt for a season of Doctor Who... SKY "catchup" uses broadband these days to download programmes,

Meanwhile, a touch up on some old photos by a friend makes me look as though I have been really through the wars.....    Better get dressed and head off for Tescos and Morrisons. Need some Diet Coke while it is on offer and pick up some presents for the Grand Kids...

So Morrisons have the special offer on the Diet Coke.....  Had to be done !!!
I am sure that we will get around to using them 

one car full
 Of course, Tesco has the offer on the Grouse at £15 a litre, but not at Llanelli ( last day today so had to go to Fforestfach to pick up some stock - or Cava as my youngest would call it) - but the Gordons was the same price - so that is Christmas sorted....

Saw a lovely joke today :

Two beggars were sitting side by side on a street in Rome, Italy. One had a Cross in front of him; the other held the Star of David. Many people went by, looked at both beggars, but only put money into the hat of the beggar sitting behind the Cross. 

The Pope came by. He stopped to watch the throngs of people giving money to the beggar who held the Cross while none gave to the beggar holding the Star of David. Finally, the Pope approached the beggar with the Star of David and said, "My poor fellow, don't you understand? This is a Catholic country: this city is the Seat of Catholicism. People aren't going to give you money if you sit there with a Star of David in front of you, especially when you're sitting beside a beggar who is holding a Cross. In fact, they would probably give more money to him just out of spite." The beggar with the Star of David listened listened to the Pope, smiled, turned to the beggar with the Cross and said, "Moishe, look who's trying to teach the Goldstein brothers about marketing!"

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